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Here Strums the Bride

Here Strums the Bride

In ten years, you turn your music player on and realize, that there are three things from your wedding day that you cherish the most. Your photographs, your wedding video, and the wedding song written just for you. It was the song for your first dance, it was the song that scored your wedding video, and it was the song that taught your children how you met and fell in love. This is not a new idea, for centuries royalty have been commissioning composers to write music for their weddings. We see every bride and groom as royalty on their wedding day – we would be honored if you would commission us for your personal wedding song.

We create a personal wedding song with music and lyrics based on your love story. From your consultation to the finished product, you will work one-on-one with our songwriter and musician Gil Kline to ensure that you will cherish your love song forever.  At Here Strums The Bride we like to say, “You wrote your love story, let us write your love song.”

We Have Partnerships With Some Of The Most Talented Artists

Composer And Songwriter – Gil Kline

Gil is the founder and owner of Here Strums The Bride. He is also a composer, songwriter, and musician with a BA in Music Theory and Composition from Goucher College. Gil has composed music for multiple genres including opera, pop, rock, electronic dance music, incidental music for plays, and everything in-between. Gil is most passionate about working with clients and creating a quality song that both he and they can be proud of.

Recording Engineer And Producer – Greg Parker

Greg Parker, owner and producer at Amped Recording studio, has recorded 200+ studio albums over the past decade of his career. The Towson University alumni has built one of Maryland’s premier recording studios centered around a Protools HD setup. As a songwriter, Greg not only engineers music, he helps bring great ideas to life.


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Singer and Instrumentalists -Summer Pearson

Summer Pearson has been singing for audiences throughout the United States for many years. She is a gifted singer/songwriter who has the unique ability to connect with diverse audiences and bring hope and joy where ever she goes. Summer regularly performs at weddings, corporate events, funerals, and other special events. She has been blessed to sing for notables such as Colin Powell, and John Lewis, and Bill Marriott, Jr.


Singer And Multi-Instrumentalist – Benny Clough

Benny received his BA in music theory and composition as well as vocal performance. Benny’s speciality is classic rock although he is well versed in a wide range of different genres. Benny also has experience in musical theatre and has starred in multiple productions. Benny performs around the Maryland area as well as New York.


Drummer – Chris Brush

Chris Brush is a professional session drummer, percussionist, and 15 year veteran of the Nashville music scene. Hailing from Dallas, Texas, Chris grew up playing everything from jazz to hard rock. When he’s not playing out and about, Chris can usually be found at his own PlethoraTone studio where he not only drums, but engineers, mixes and produces projects.

Wood Burning Artist and Graphic Designer – Hannah Tsimmerman

Hannah Tsimmerman is an artist and designer from the Washington DC area. Her extensive background in visual arts includes architectural design, graphic design, and wood burning.

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